Treated Wood Siding Installed in Rochester & Geneseo, NY

Looking for a siding material that looks like real wood but has increased performance? Treated wood siding installed by the professionals at Fleming Remodeling, Inc., is just the solution. Made from real wood-treated strands and bound with modern materials to increase water resistance and overall performance, this engineered wood siding keeps moisture out and provides strength and long-term durability.

Fleming Remodeling, Inc., is a locally recognized siding contractor and installer of treated wood siding, serving Adams Basin, Alexander, Arcade, Attica, Avon, Basom, Rochester, Geneseo, and across our Upstate NY service area. Our highly trained and qualified team installs top-quality siding products for homes throughout NY. Our treated wood siding products provide efficiency, durability, weather resistance, style, and meet all industry standards.

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Fleming Installs Superior Treated Wood Siding in Geneseo, NY

Benefits of Treated Wood Siding
  • The extraordinary beauty of natural wood is often what homeowners want for their homes. However, not everyone can afford that. Treated wood siding solves this problem with its unique similarity to wood, lower costs, and easy maintenance.
  • If you’re looking for siding that is durable and long-lasting, then look for something that is treated with the unique safeguard process. Treated wood siding is also resistant to fungal decay and termite damage. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and can absorb a fair amount of impact damage.
  • While treated wood siding looks traditional because of its deep cedar-grain texture and defining shadow lines, the material itself is very lightweight but extremely durable. This type of siding retains its quality even after being exposed to intense sunlight, and hot and dry weather conditions.
  • Treated wood siding has also been tested by exposing it to severe moist conditions and termite colonies, and after years of exposure, it remained structurally unharmed. All of these qualities make these materials an excellent choice.

Rely on Fleming Remodeling For Treated Wood Siding in Livonia, NY

Let Fleming Remodeling, Inc., help you choose the right treated wood siding, and keep it looking great and lasting as long as possible. Treated wood siding is built to last, but proper maintenance will keep its appearance and durability at peak performance. For treated wood siding options, installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement in RochesterGeneseoWebsterAvon, and throughout our our NY service area, trust the professionals at Fleming Remodeling, Inc. Call us at 585-326-5850 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.