Fiber Cement Siding in Rochester & Geneseo, NY

The option to use fiber cement siding has been available for many years but the homeowners and builders realized its potential recently. If you are one of the homeowners living around Rochester, Geneseo, and other areas of Upstate New York looking forward to using fiber cement siding then Fleming Remodeling is the go-to company for you. It will take us no time at all to install everything in your home since our experts and technicians are quite knowledgeable and skilled in such projects. So please call us at 585-326-5850 right away to take advantage of our services.

Benefits of Using Fiber Cement Siding

For homeowners, using fiber cement siding may be quite useful. The following are the advantages of using such a type of siding-

  • Resistant to Fire and Heat: This is one of the most advantageous characteristics of fiber cement siding. Wood siding, as well as plastic siding, contributes to the spread of fire. Fiber cement siding, on the other hand, is resistant to fire and heat and is classified as noncombustible. Even in the midst of extreme heat, it maintains its strength and structural integrity.
  • Resistant to Insects: One of the major concerns for wood siding is the damage insects can cause to it over time. However, termites, carpenter ants, and other insects can’t eat fiber cement siding, which means your home exterior remains safe and sound.
  • Eco-Friendly: Compared to vinyl siding, which breaks down over time and adds to overtime and adds toxic carbon dioxide emissions, fiber cement siding is an eco-friendly siding that doesn’t release any toxins.
home back side wood fiber cement siding

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