Basement Remodeling & Waterproofing in Alexander, NY

The beauty, utility, and market value of your home are all enhanced by finishing an unfinished basement. This is why completing your basement is a terrific option if you plan to move soon or stay in your current house for decades. Fleming Remodeling, Inc., is the firm to call if you want the best basement finishing services in Alexander or anywhere else in our service region.

Fleming Remodeling can take a job from start to finish, taking care of everything from the ground up. With new builds, these projects are becoming increasingly popular, but we can also help with superior renovation options.

If your unfinished basement in Alexander has moisture-control issues such as damp spaces or high humidity, and only serves as poorly-lit storage, then let Fleming Remodeling waterproof and renovate it into an additional living space.

Our crew is also capable of putting intricate architectural plans into action. More full design-build services are also available. Our trained and skilled employees work following all the necessary protocols so that you are thoroughly satisfied with the services that we provide for your home in Alexander.

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Fleming For Basements in Alexander, NY

Fleming Remodeling is your solution for basement issues or preferences in Alexander, including:

  • Basement waterproofing: Basement waterproofing is one of the most effective ways to protect your home's foundation against moisture, which can cause foundation cracks, bending basement walls, and other issues. Great Lakes Waterproofing, our sibling firm, is the finest at offering the most effective basement waterproofing services.
  • Basement finishing: When an unfinished basement is completed, it enhances the utility of the space as well as the selling value of your home. If you plan on moving in soon or living in the house for decades, the best option is to complete your basement utilizing the innovative process developed by the professionals at Fleming Remodeling, Inc.

Trust Fleming Remodeling For Superior Basement Finishing in Alexander, NY

Fleming Remodeling has been a long-time provider of superior quality basement finishing for customers in Alexander and across Upstate New York. We provide bathroom remodeling, flooring, roof installation, basement, barn, and siding services. Call us today at 585-326-5850 to know more about our service or contact us online to arrange a consultation.