Skylight Roofing in Rochester & Geneseo, NY

Irrespective of wherever you choose to install them, a skylight can help hugely in improving energy efficiency, illuminating low-light areas, and also provide the much-needed dimension to a living space. In addition to that, all that extra lighting dropping in from the skylight can help in cutting down the lighting costs, and the amount of heat it allows in can have a substantial impact on your energy bills.

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Benefits of Installing Skylights at Your Home or Office

Metal Roofing

According to a study by VELUX America, building structures that utilize skylights, in combination with vertical windows, tend to be more energy-efficient. Skylights help in making a major contribution to energy efficiency and comfort, it can admit more than three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size and distributes the same evenly resulting in savings in energy and improving the overall visual comfort levels of the occupants.

The scarcity of land has made the space for proper ventilation and lighting restricted. Apart from that, sometimes, homeowners consider safety reasons and choose to have fewer window openings in the walls. In such conditions fixing skylights in the roofs is the best solution as Skylights bring natural light and air into areas that normally wouldn’t have windows.

Skylights also increase the convenience of internal spaces which otherwise are dependent on supplementary artificial ventilation or lighting. They permit added flexibility in the architectural design. Also, even under grey conditions, the use of skylights ensures that the spaces are mostly lit by natural light, with very little or no extra artificial lighting

Types of Skylights Offered by Fleming Remodeling Inc.

Skylights can be of many different types depending on the materials used, their purpose, and the roof/room in which they are added. Common types include:

Fixed Skylight: One of the most popular types of skylight is the fixed skylights. Just like their name indicates, these are fixed and do not open for air ventilation, basically, they are totally sealed to the roof.

Ventilated Skylight: In the pool of different types of skylights, this one serves multi-purposes. Ventilated skylight works as a source of ventilation of air and light.

Tubular Skylight: Tubular skylights are an effective product to provide natural light to both residential and commercial indoor spaces.

Custom Skylight: Custom skylights open up to the sun, air and stars. These aren’t just boxes or tubes which allow natural air and light into a room but are the ones that are uniquely designed.

Pyramid Skylight: Typically mounted on curbs on flat roofs, the pyramid skylights are available with several slopes or pitch options. These typically take a pyramid shape over a square opening and generally have 4 sides.

Dome-Shaped Skylight: These dome-shaped skylights are made up of robust and flexible plastics. As the name suggests, the shape of this skylight is in the form of a dome which allows sunlight to evenly spread across the room.

Barrel Vault Skylight: This type of skylight provides a practical and economical means of bestowing daylight and spaciousness to an atrium, lobby, or the interior of a building. They are also used as entrance canopies, walkway canopies, and as a cover between adjacent buildings.

Curb-Mounted Skylights: These skylights have proven to be one of the most popular styles of skylights available in the market. They are relatively affordable and go really well in any type of room setting.

Ridge Skylight: This type of skylight is applicable to conditions where the skylight continues in the same plane as the roof pitch and the ridge of the skylight follows the line of the ridge of the roof.

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