New Roof Installation in Caledonia & Geneseo, NY

The roof over your head doesn't only add curb appeal to your home it also is the first defense against the weather. Therefore this safeguard needs to be top prioritized while installing. The roofing experts from Fleming Remodeling Inc. use top-quality materials made by industry-leading manufacturers for every new roof installation project throughout NY. 

We provide superior care and pay attention to detail while installing roofs for your home in Avon, Webster, Geneseo, Caledonia, and more across our New York service area. Our professionals can install roofs with unique design and color textures, as well as with various materials available for you to choose from. Call us now at 585-326-5850 for more information.

New Roof Installation

Shingle Roofing for Residential Homes

When it comes to residential buildings, shingle roofs make a good balance between price and quality. They have excellent features like wind resistance, algae resistance, and also fire resistance. There are several types of asphalt shingles on the market, each coming in a wide variety of colors and looks. You may choose any design or material from our partner company’s collection, and we can install that specific roof for your home. Asphalt shingle roofs are also a great way to regulate your home’s temperature and help keep your heating bills down.

New Roof Installation

Metal Roofing for Complex Roofs

A metal roof outlasts a shingle roof, serving for a longer period of time. Metal roofing does not crack, shrink or erode like many other roofing materials, and is designed to withstand high winds and driving rain, and reflect harmful sun rays. Furthermore, this material keeps your home’s interior much cooler than asphalt roofs can. Metal roofs combined with a light color spectrum will help reflect sunlight away and keep your North American home comfy.

Additional Services We Offer

Fleming Remodeling Inc. also offers the following services for homes in New York: 

Let Fleming Remodeling Inc. Install Your New Roof

When you need top-rated roofing materials for your roof installation, count on Fleming Remodeling Inc. for a roof that serves you for years to come. Our roof installation will shelter you through storms, strong winds, and harsher weather. Give us a call now at 585-326-5850 or contact us online for a free estimate.