Hardwood Flooring in Rochester & Geneseo, NY

Hardwood floors are one of the amenities that many customers seek when buying a house. However, if your home didn't come with them, the purchase and installation of this type of flooring can be pricey, and its care and maintenance can be challenging. That’s why you must put your trust only in the experienced professionals to have these services done.

Fleming Remodeling Inc. provides the best available hardwood flooring installation & repair services available in RochesterGeneseo, and other cities throughout our service area. We also install laminatetile, and other types of flooring. Our proven professionals from Fleming Remodeling can take a project from conception to completion, as well as handling renovation work. Our crews also implement complex architectural designs and provide comprehensive design-build services. When you need our help, give us a call at 585-326-5850 or click here to make an appointment today!

Hard Wood

Features of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring usually comes in three varieties: strip, plank, and parquet. The individual segments in wood strip flooring are usually about 1 ½- to 2 ¼-inches wide.

Plank flooring strips are wider, and parquet floors are composed of individual squares that make up a geometric pattern. Unfinished hardwood floors allow the homeowner to finish the product with a stain that matches the décor.

Pros & Cons of Installing a Hardwood Floor

If you are debating whether to install hardwood flooring in your home, here are the pros and cons:

Features of Hardwood Flooring

The Pros

Hardwood floors are durable and have stood the test of time. Homes that are more than 100 years old can still have the original flooring if they have been cared for properly. They just need sweeping or vacuuming and occasional cleaning with a wood floor cleaner.

Hardwood flooring works with all styles of decorating, from traditional to modern. It is available in several types of woods, such as oak, cherry, and walnut, and can be sanded and stained to suit the home owner’s taste. When your style changes, you also can change the look of your hardwood floors.

The Cons

Wood floors are a costly option. Materials can run from $3 per square foot for unfinished oak planks at a big-box retail store, to more than $12 a square foot for more distinctive types of wood. The flooring must be installed over sub-flooring and installation is a bigger job than most homeowners can handle. Labor costs will vary.

In addition to installation, scuffed and scratched floors will need to be refinished. The softer the wood, the easier it will scratch and blemish. Hardwood floors in high traffic areas, especially when there are pets or children, will be prone to showing damage. Refinishing also creates dust from sanding and fumes from the polyurethane coating. Hardwood flooring can be noisy when walking across it and can be a nuisance to your downstairs neighbors if you live in an apartment complex.

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